Are You My Dad? (Paperback)

Are You My Dad? Cover Image
By Leslie S. Kelley, Kirk Werner (Illustrator)
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When a tiny emperor penguin accidentally rolls her egg down a big hill and hatches in the Antarctic, she is surprised to find that her protective father is nowhere to be found The determined little bird realizes she must search for him, as he is obviously very lost She slips down snowy slopes, slides over an icy ridges, and waddles along cold paths... Along her search, she encounters many helpful Antarctic friends, asking each one if they are her dad. Though she learns many interesting facts and clues about her father- that he is a bird who cannot fly, that he lives on land and swims in the sea, that he is tall but definitely smaller than some of the animals she encounters- she realizes that none of her new friends can be her dad. Feeling very worried, she suddenly spies a strange something climbing out of the sea. He fits the description of her dad perfectly .. Is the search for her lost dad finally over?

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ISBN: 9780578488967
ISBN-10: 0578488965
Publisher: Leslie Kelley Color
Publication Date: March 29th, 2019
Pages: 24
Language: English