China: The Grand Illusion That Deceived The World (Paperback)

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Behind the impressive fa ade presented to the outside world is the real China - a rapidly developing totalitarian state of vast proportions. Through the latest high-technology, the most advanced forms of human control are being perfected. In the not-distant future, the dystopian world imagined in Orwell's "1984" will be equaled and even exceeded. The longstanding, highly profitable program of genocide directed at the Falun Gong is expanding to include the residents of Tibet, the Muslim Uyghurs and soon other groups as well. The sophistication of China's huge military continues to grow rapidly. This advanced capability includes 5th generation. stealth bombers and fighter aircraft as well as nuclear submarines with up-to-date nuclear-tipped missiles capable of reaching every city in America. Recently China unilaterally seized control of the South China Sea, one of the most significant bodies of navigable water on earth. With newly acquired aircraft carrier groups the march into the western Pacific progresses and eventually will threaten the approaches to the Hawaiian Islands. The widespread, overseas system of economic-based ports and facilities is actually an enormous, military network spanning the globe. In a time of crisis it will enable China to inhibit significantly global freedom of movement and even shut down completely key, transportation "chokepoints." This includes the American-built Panama Canal preventing US naval forces from moving freely between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

Through supposedly independent businessmen actually directed by the People's Liberation Army (PLA), control is being acquired over the world's communication system including mobile 5G and also the undersea cables that carry 90% of internet traffic. It is not an exaggeration that soon China's dictatorial regime will be able to dominate the ability of humanity to communicate with itself. A key aspect of this menacing spectacle is the so-called "Red Capitalist" economy. For a generation this ingenious, rigged spectacle has extracted vast amounts of wealth and technology from the nations of the democratic West that have funded China's rapid rise to its current status. The current reality is that China's much-heralded economy is nothing more than a hollow, parasitic entity that along with a devastated environment is heading toward a collapse only prevented by ongoing aid from the outside. Before that happens, the regime in China will implement its grand scheme emanating from Chairman Mao that they have carefully nurtured over several decades. Literally the global, historical clock is ticking down rapidly to zero-hour.

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ISBN: 9780998432120
ISBN-10: 0998432121
Publisher: H. Richard Austin
Publication Date: July 20th, 2019
Pages: 292
Language: English