Building a Better Boomer: How to deal with bothersome bodies, exhausting exercise, memory missteps, terrifying technology, impossible insurance, (Paperback)

Building a Better Boomer: How to deal with bothersome bodies, exhausting exercise, memory missteps, terrifying technology, impossible insurance, By Neil Offen Cover Image
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Building a Better Boomer offers laugh-out-loud advice for the generation caught between ChatGPT and Betamax VHS. Here's hilarious ways boomers can see better, eat better, exercise better, sleep better, retire better, and, maybe, even remember better-and still be around for the launch of the iPhone 211 Pro.

"Neil Offen has become one of America's greatest

humorists, embracing the lighter side of the aging process

with charm and wit culled from personal experience. His

columns, and now this book, have become must-read."

-Marty Appel, New York Times bestselling author of

Pinstripe Empire and Munson

"Neil Offen's timing is perfect. This is the moment when

we need a book that is this funny-Oen makes us laugh at

subjects that are not supposed to be funny, which may be

the denition of the best humor. Building a Better Boomer

never stops and never misres."

-Mark Kurlansky, New York Times bestselling author

of Salt; Cod; and The Importance of Not Being Ernest

"Neil Offen offers laugh-out-loud-but still practical-

advice about how to deal with the indignities of growing

older, all the while trying to combat aging and aging

stereotypes. This is a book for all boomers, and those who

care for and love them."

-Steven Petrow, contributing columnist The

Washington Post and author, Stupid Things I Won't Do

When I Get Old

"I have often heard it said that there is nothing funny about

growing older. Well, as Neil Offen proves-hysterically-in

Building a Better Boomer, that is wildly inaccurate. If

laughter truly is the best medicine, this is a book that I

heartily prescribe for my fellow boomers. Offen's sharp-

and unfortunately accurate-observations will make you

laugh out loud, assuming of course you can remember

where you left your reading glasses. Let me suggest that the

nicest thing you can give to one of our peers is this gift of


- David Fisher, New York Times bestselling author

"There's no better source of smiles, laughs, even guffaws, as

your body deteriorates and your role in society diminishes,

than these essays by humor-writer-nonpareil Neil Offen."

-Mitchell Stephens, author of The Voice of America:

Lowell Thomas and the Invention of 20th-Century


"Neil Offen's hilarious Building a Better Boomer is a rare

mix of laugh-out-loud and close-to-the-bone. Sure, it's

funny but it's also insightful, sweet, and even provocative.

You will read this book to laugh and keep from crying,

because, as Neil so shrewdly observes, 'there is a limit on

how much better we can become.'"

-Frank Van Riper, author of Recovered Memory: New

York & Paris 1960-1980

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