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Barack Obama: Master of Washington, DC With nearly fifty books that negatively portray the President, Barack Obama: Master of Washington, DC seeks to reverse that trend focusing on some positive traits that characterize the man, the office and the human and material challenges he has faced in his short time in office as reflected by this writer in newspaper articles in New York's Black Press written as Mr. Obama's tenure unfolded. From "Proud to Be President," "Leadership," "Obama in Africa," "Eternal Optimist," "Obama's Many Hats as President," "Excitement of Barack Obama," "Obama Doctrine," "Quintessential," "Powers of the Presidency," "War Powers," "Great visionary," "Cabinet and Order of Succession," "Health Care Reform," and character assassination to "The Obama Years," "Vote or Die , Well," and "Rally Around Barack," the 75 essays paint a vivid picture of unwavering support for Mr. Obama, highlighting Republican obstructionists, their allies and nefarious efforts designed to STOP OBAMA; to his perseverance to enact Health Care Reform, prolifically legislate for financial, economic and environmental reforms to changing America's image abroad, rescuing the nation's economic structure, combating unemployment and the housing crisis while emphasizing and encouraging the need for innovative means of energy production, offering educational incentives to restore competitiveness in the fields of teaching and learning all with an intensity to assure a brighter future for his nation, all this while simultaneously waging wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, combating terrorism at home and abroad and still be blessed to come home to a wonderful and loving family. Even his wife Michelle has come in for some treatment, though her detractors got the message when the President laid down the law, "Lay off my wife " More than 460 photographs help paint a picturesque image of the domain over which Mr. Obama not only presides but is a true Master of the 'City on a Hill, ' Washington, DC. Dr. Fred Monderson is a retired New York City school teacher and Egyptologist who can be contacted at SuMon Publishers, PO Box 160347, Brooklyn, New York 11216. (718) 564-5635; Fax (718) 771-2177
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