Resonant (Paperback)

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By Trevor a. Weeks (Illustrator), Trevor a. Weeks
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These words, along with everything around you now is energy and all part of an infinite singularity. Over ten thousand years ago, our earth was visited by a pillaging alien species known as Draconians. Pursued by their moral polar, the Atlantians soon arrived to ensure life continued on our planet, they never left. In the near future with unemployment soaring, tension between the very few haves and the majority have-nots has reached a boiling point. Everyone is upset with the current economic state of affairs perpetuated by rampant political corruption that is puppeteered by power hungry corporate thieves. The NanoCell Corporation has become the most lucrative and dominant company on the planet by developing wonder drugs that cure every kind of disease and cancer by trading human life for alien technologies. Asher Wry unwittingly rallies thousands at a protest; his speech resonates with the crowd and wins over the heart of billionaire heiress Candace Vanderbilt. Their bond remains strong despite both being imprisoned at different times. After a divine symbiosis with an ancient alien skin which gives him god-like powers, Asher finds himself entangled in a dark world of corporate oligarchs and government conspiracies. Asher learns his true potential and power during a stay in inner earth. With the help of hacktivist group Anonymous, Asher and Candace face-off against conspiring evils of this world and beyond. With our humanity on the edge of oblivion, Asher makes the ultimate sacrifice and finds that love conquers all.

About the Author

San Diego native Trevor Weeks, circa 1979; author, composer & spice alchemist. I started an indie record label called Backscatter in October of 1994 in Salt Lake City, Utah where I currently reside. I've written, recorded and released over a hundred albums through my label (as well as other labels) which are available everywhere. My music is fairly dynamic, ranging from beautifully delicate orchestrations to brutal modern electronics. I make music for films, music to dance to and to feel to. I've worked in innumerable capacities in the music and creative industries over the past two decades and have also been lucky enough to have collaborated with some amazingly talented people along the way. I've found a new love in writing over the past two years while crafting Resonant. Ever the student. More info about me can be found at: http: //
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ISBN: 9781492374220
ISBN-10: 1492374229
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: September 11th, 2013
Pages: 242
Language: English