Depressed and Despaired: The Synergy of Lasting Hope? (Paperback)

Depressed and Despaired: The Synergy of Lasting Hope? By Assumpta Onyinye Ude Cover Image
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"Despaired and Depressed: The Synergy of Hope?" tells a true experience of hostilities and emotional trauma from relayed stories of underground bunker life including narrow escapes from frequent warplane bombs. From witnessed bitter aggressions, fracas and clashes from family and community kinsmen, academic failures, disappointments, sudden deaths of loved ones to embracing true Hope that changed the trajectory of a college student's life. In this novel, are many inspiring lessons and resourceful hope building tools acquired after a turning point with Christ. The narratives will inspire youths, students or anybody feeling depressed, discouraged, disappointed or contemplating to give up on life and to anyone who seeks Bible-based resource for counseling and mentoring.
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ISBN: 9781733519618
ISBN-10: 1733519610
Publisher: Seth Tutoring & Mentoring
Publication Date: July 1st, 2019
Pages: 74
Language: English