Drying of Complex Fluid Drops: Fundamentals and Applications (Hardcover)

Drying of Complex Fluid Drops: Fundamentals and Applications By David Brutin (Editor), Khellil Sefiane (Editor) Cover Image
By David Brutin (Editor), Khellil Sefiane (Editor)
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Coffee rings, paint drying, blood splatter are all examples of complex fluids drying. Understanding the phenomena of complex fluid drops with respect to drying is important for technology and a lot of research in academia and industry is poured into this topic. This book addresses this industrially important area and provides a thorough grounding to the field.
Addressing the fundamental underpinnings of wetting, spreading and drying, the book then takes the reader through key applications grouped into themes, including colloidal droplets (used in printing) and biological (e.g. bloodstain analysis for forensics). With a section on modelling and simulation to balance experiment with computational tools, this book will appeal to anyone working in complex fluids across classical fluid mechanics, soft matter, and chemical, biological and mechanical engineering.
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ISBN: 9781788017909
ISBN-10: 1788017900
Publisher: Royal Society of Chemistry
Publication Date: June 1st, 2022
Pages: 262
Language: English