The Shepherd Psalm (Paperback)

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F. B. Meyer's uplifting and spiritually rich examination of Psalm 23 is a devotional classic, for the author's explanations brim with insightful clarity and wisdom.

A sterling example of F. B. Meyer's ability to understand and explain the holy wisdom of Biblical texts to all believers, this book reveals the meaning of Psalm 23, a verse which the author ascribed great importance. After appending a poignant devotional poem by Henry W. Baker, Meyer explains how deep and inspirational the Shepherd Psalm was for him as he entered the Christian faith professionally as a preacher and writer.

Adopting a poetic tone in keeping with the theme of the psalms, Meyer devotes a chapter to each phrase of Psalm 23. The rich implication behind the words is explored with an impassioned depth of thought, with the meanings and implications of the language unveiled. Where once the believer may only have partway grasped the gravity of what is written, with Meyer's analysis the sublime and rich elements of the text emerge and blossom in the reader's mind with glorious clarity.

F. B. Meyer spent decades authoring commentaries on the Bible, together with Biblical biographies of figures such as Paul, Joshua and Peter. With practical experience preaching as a Baptist minister, he brings both scholarly knowledge and a good pastor's understanding of everyday Christian concerns to his books.

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