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This booklet addresses the origins and rise of the so-called
"alt-right," the fascistic movement that grabbed headlines in the months
leading up to the 2016 election of Donald Trump as president of the
United States.

The first essay, Matthew Lyons's "CTRL-ALT-DELETE," is a thorough survey
of the origins of the alt-right, a look at its constituent parts and
beliefs at the present time, as well as observations about how its
future relationship with the Trump administration may play out. Of
particular interest, Lyons draws attention to the importance of sexism
and misogyny within this movement, to its long-term "metapolitical"
strategy, as well as to the tensions between the disparate groups that
have found their home under its banner.

Supplementing "CTRL-ALT-DELETE" is an essay written by comrades from the
Its Going Down website, "The Rich Kids of Fascism." This is a view from
activists currently involved in opposing both the far right and the
state, on the streets. As its title would imply, "Rich Kids" focuses on
the elitist class politics of the alt right, and how that sets it apart
from other far right phenomenon like boneheads or militias. Looking at
the alt-right's fortunes over the past few years, IGD show the role
played by both the media, and white racist fears about the ongoing
struggles of Black people and immigrants, in feeding this threat.

An appendix, "Notes on Trump," by Bromma, serves not so much as a
counterpoint, as a contextualization. Not directly addressing the
alt-right itself, Bromma's Notes posit that the election of Trump and
the rise of the far right are not simple accidents of history, nor the
result of some single failure on our side or success on theirs, but are
conjoined expressions of a deep shift within the world economy. As he
argues, "What's coming into view, semi-hidden underneath the frenzied
soap opera of reactionary populism, is that the tide of globalization
has crested and started to recede."

The alt right in one expression of this reactionary moment. We must
oppose them, but also prepare ourselves to oppose what might come next.
Understanding one's enemy can only help in this regard, and indeed a
thorough understanding of an opposing political force can also help us
prepare for future far right iterations.

That is why this booklet is being offered now. A tool for work that
needs doing. Let's get started.

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