The Little Red Book: Sayings of Chairman Mao (Paperback)

The Little Red Book: Sayings of Chairman Mao By Sharif George, Mao Tse Tung Cover Image
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This is the first in the series of Political History Texts, texts that have had major impact on how we think and our social and political environment. Chairman Mao's Little Red book continues to influence a generations of Chinese Communists and the repercussions of this man's leadership have unimaginable far reaching impact. How the book has influenced modern thinking in the west I will leave to modern pundits to comment on but you cannot deny the impact that the 5bn copies printed had on the Chinese nation. References have been added to explain historical context, translation of foreign phrases and definitions of uncommon words.
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ISBN: 9781910372944
ISBN-10: 1910372943
Publisher: Parvus Magna Press
Publication Date: January 20th, 2017
Pages: 220
Language: English