American Foreign Policy Since World War II (Paperback)

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Despite its status as the world's lone superpower, the United States confronts a variety of serious challenges in the world today: ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, nuclear tensions involving Iran and North Korea, and strained American relations with allies in the European Union and the United Nations. In updating their book, authors Hook and Spanier find that these new developments are in keeping with the overarching theme of their classic text?that there is an American ?style? of foreign policy imbued with a distinct sense of national exceptionalism. Through a thorough understanding of the United States? past actions, students can then fully grasp the functions and frequent dysfunctions of the nation's foreign-policy process. Providing a lively and concise review of the conduct of American foreign policy since World War II, early chapters are strengthened by new historical findings, while recent developments since 9/11 receive thorough treatment and analysis. A stand-alone chapter on the Iraq War provides essential historical context as well as a detailed assessment of recent events across the Middle East. The book's presentation and usefulness are enhanced by new tables and figures, updated photos and maps, and annotated web resources.
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ISBN: 9781933116716
Publisher: CQ Press
Publication Date: July 1st, 2006
Pages: 441