Nagodara (Hardcover)

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After saving Ayya in their first challenge instated multiverse-wide by the Dark One, Zreyas Rittak and the Visages celebrate their success. Celebrations are short-lived when Zreyas and Rhom find out about some visage deceptions causing a clash of wills.

Zreyas strikes out on his own with no means of transportation to Earth, many Universes away with no modern technology, away from what little technology has learned and still doesn't understand, and on foot, only to find out the Dark One uses the quantum to cheat in the challenge.

As the Dark One unleashes a new weapon from a demon dimension, Zreyas walks right into the den of danger. He knows he must sabotage the Janquar to weaken the Dark One's effort in the multiverse challenge in order to keep Ayya safe and keep all of existence from blinking out.

But Visage Rhom is in trouble and has another problem that needs Zreyas's help, and it places Zreyas in a difficult position. Burdened by the weight of his Janquar past, Zreyas wants to refuse, but if he does, all might be lost.

Can he work through those dark demons in his mind and take on this new role? Will he be able to juggle both problems at once and still sabotage the Dark One's efforts?

NAGODARA is what ishKiia Paige lovingly calls Transformational Science Fiction Fantasy, where you can have fun and take your life to the next level without feeling like you are learning.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781956297072
ISBN-10: 1956297073
Publisher: Ishkiia Studios
Publication Date: February 20th, 2022
Pages: 540
Language: English