Redoing Gender: How Nonbinary Gender Contributes Toward Social Change (Paperback)

Redoing Gender: How Nonbinary Gender Contributes Toward Social Change By Helana Darwin Cover Image
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Redoing Gender demonstrates how difficult it is to be anything other than a man or a woman in a society that selectively acknowledges those two genders. Gender nonbinary people--who identify as other genders besides simply "man" or "woman"--have begun to disrupt this binary system, but the limited progress they have made has required significant everyday labor. Through interviews with 47 nonbinary people, this book offers rich description of these forms of labor, including "rethinking sex and gender," "resignifying gender," "redoing relationships," and "resisting erasure." The final chapter interrogates the lasting impact of this labor through follow-up interviews with participants four years later. Although nonbinary people are finally managing to achieve some recognition, it is clear that this change has not happened without a fight that continues to this day.

The diverse experiences of nonbinary people in this book will help cisgender people relate to gender minorities with more compassion, and may also appeal to those questioning their own gender. This text will also be of keen interest to academics across Sociology and Gender Studies.

About the Author

Helana Darwin is an award-winning sociologist with a PhD in Sociology whose research focuses on social inequality and abuses of power. She has published articles in Gender & Society; Gender, Place, & Culture; Social Currents; Sociology of Religion; Contemporary Jewry; Symbolic Interaction; and Feminist Media Studies. See for more about her research.
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