Seaweeds and Their Role in Globally Changing Environments (Cellular Origin #15) (Paperback)

Seaweeds and Their Role in Globally Changing Environments (Cellular Origin #15) By Alvaro Israel (Editor), Rachel Einav (Editor), Joseph Seckbach (Editor) Cover Image
By Alvaro Israel (Editor), Rachel Einav (Editor), Joseph Seckbach (Editor)
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Preface, Alvaro Israel, Rachel Einav. Introduction: Introduction to globally changing environment, Joseph Seckbach. List of Authors. PART 1: CHANGES IN THE MARINE ENVIRONMENT Sea-level changes in the Mediterranean: past, present and future - a review, M. Lichter, D. Zviely, M. Klein and D. Sivan Global climate change and marine conservation, L. Olsvig-Whittaker PART 2: BIODIVERSITY IN MARINE ECOSYSTEMS IN THE GLOBALLY CHANGING ERA Is global warming involved in the success of seaweed introduction in the Mediterranean sea? C. Boudouresque and M. Verlaque Climate change effects on marine ecological communities, G. Rilov and C. Treves Fucoid flora of the rocky intertidal of the Canadian maritimes: implications for the future with rapid climate change, R.A. Ugarte, J.S. Craigie, and A.T. Critchley PART 3: ECOPHYSIOLOGICAL RESPONSES OF SEAWEEDS GIS-based environmental analysis, Remote Sensing and Niche modeling of seaweed communities, K. Pauly and O. De Clerck Physiological responses of seaweeds to elevated atmospheric CO2 concentrations, D. Zou and K. Gao The role of rhodolith beds in the recruitment of invertebrate species from the southwestern Gulf of California, M xico, R. Riosmena-Rodriguez and M.A. Medina-L pez The potential impact of climate change on endophyte infections in kelp sporophytes, A. Eggert, A.F. Peters and C. K pper PART 4: THE EFFECTS OF UV RADIATION ON SEAWEEDS Interactive effects of UV radiation and nutrients on ecophysiology: vulnerability and adaptation to climate change, F.L. Figueroa and N. Korbee Ecological and physiological responses of macroalgae to solar and UV radiation, K. Gao and J. Xu Ultraviolet radiation effects on macroalgae from Patagonia, Argentina, E.W. Helbling, E.W. Villafa e and D.P.H der PART 5: BIOFUEL - SEAWEEDS AS A SOURCE OF FUTURE ENERGY Production of biofuel by macroalgae with preservation of marine resources and environment, M. Notoya Biofuel from algae - salvation from peak oil? C. Rhodes PART 6: CULTIVATION OF SEAWEEDS IN GLOBALLY CHANGING ENVIRONMENTS A review of Kappaphycus farming: prospects and constraints, L. Hayashi, A.Q. Hurtado, F.E. Msuya, G. Bleicher-Lhonneur and A.T. Critchley Recycling of the seaweed Wakame through degradation by halotolerant bacteria, J. Tang, H. Taniguchi, Q. Zhou and S. Nagata Progressive development of new marine environments - IMTA (Integrated Multi Trophic Aquaculture) production, A.S. Issar and A. Neori Reproductive processes in the red algal genus Gracilaria and impact of climate change, V.A. Mantri, C.R.K. Reddy and B. Jha The role of Porphyra in sustainable culture systems: physiology and applications, R. Pereira and C. Yarish PART 7: BIOTECHNOLOGICAL POTENTIAL OF SEAWEED Intensive Seaweed Aquaculture: A Potent Solution Against Global Warming, G. Turan. and A. Neori The future is green: on the biotechnological potential of green algae, W. Reisser The potential of Caulerpa spp. for biotechnological and pharmacological applications, L. Cavas and G. Pohnert PART 8: OTHER VIEWS TO GLOBAL CHANGE Ecology, science and religion, K.K. Klostermaier Nature and resource conservation as value assessment reflections on theology and ethics, H.J. Roth Global warming according to Jewish law: three circles of reference, S.E. Glicksberg Guarding the globe - A Jewish approach to global warming, Y. Rozenson.
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