Say Well: Update Your Thinking (Hardcover)

Say Well: Update Your Thinking By J. Montee Cover Image
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A multi-faceted inspirational view on Thinking, Motivation, Wisdom, Recovery, Witty Humor, Spirituality, personal experience.

You can have an Upbeat sober mindset while living One Day At A Time.

Bring the background chatter toward the forefront to be examined for enlightenment and correction.

Do you like fortune cookies?

Thinking outside of the box?


God and not god?



Well, fasten your seat belts for a multifaceted, mind-blowing, semi-intellectual trip that may help you in Saying Well. Combining the thinking with the saying gets beyond the "mind goop" that can keep us staying stuck.

Words to live by, love by, say by.

In this book you'll find hundreds of interesting, illuminating, quizzical, quirky, wise and fun sayings


Been there. Meetings on personal recovery?

Many thousands for a few decades now.

Well read?

Absolutely and always.

Words of Hope Experience Fun Spirit Recovery Wisdom Time

Hopefully my experience and upbeat mindset will entertain you, help create a new outlook, or both.

Take a heaping plateful

Buffet style

Go back for seconds

Every day if you like

Product Details
ISBN: 9798989184804
Publisher: Say Well
Publication Date: September 30th, 2023
Pages: 232
Language: English