The Country Bookshop Publishing Services

The Country Bookshop is proud to offer new services that will aid local authors in delivering their book to market.

The Country Bookshop Publishing Services is a program for authors offering a number of resources including project management, local expertise, and quality book production, collectively with the aim of getting your book in print. We will print books using a venue operated by one of our store’s distributors. This allows for the convenient printing of your book in a variety of quantities, from small personal batches, to bulk orders for retailers. Authors are given individualized support throughout the program.

The Country Bookshop is happy to assist authors every step of the way to reach the goal of turning your manuscript into a printed book! Click the link below for more information on our services and pricing.

Menu of Services and Pricing

If you have any questions, please contact

Julia Rickard, Director of Publishing 

910.692.3211 /