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Fred Epeley

Growing Up in Ottie's World: When Self-Forgiveness Seemed Impossible (on sale now)

Ottie's eight children survive in a world where bootlegging, moon shining, theft, and murder are disturbingly believable. Ottie's neglect of her children is heart-wrenching and the will of her children to survive and achieve is inspiring. The story is set in post-World War II Golden Valley, North Carolina in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Appalachia and the drama unfolds until each of Ottie's children has reached adulthood. One of the eight children, Fred, is the primary narrator of this heart-touching story. Through his eyes we see the inner soul and feel the pain of a small child who craved a mother's love, yet seldom even had as much as a cold meal prepared before he went to school. Through his eyes we see a son who also wanted a father's love, yet he never had that father even claim him as a son. It is an inspiring story of self-forgiveness and redemption.


John Fish

The Story of Fish: A national award-winning journalist tells his story of fighting a brain tumor and gives a unique perspective of his life

John J. Fish, 57, was operated on for brain cancer on March 14, 2008, and continues to live with a large tumor where the operation occurred. In The Story of Fish, John enjoys using a statement for all cancer victims—stay positive and optimistic every day of your life. He talks about the challenges he faced following the operation, including losing his surgeon, fighting the effect of radiation and chemotherapy, and finding a new home at the Duke Brain and Tumor Center. In the book, John focuses on personal stories and professional achievements, both of which have provided inspiration to his life.


Allan Gravely

Strange Fire: Can the Church Be Both Evangelical and Charismatic? (on sale now)

Allan Gravely has given us a tool to begin thinking through some of the vexing issues surrounding the practice of Pentecost. At the same time, he gives a solid defense for how the movement still has much to contribute to the body of Christ. I hope that leaders interested in a ministry of the Word and the Spirit will grapple with the ideas contained herein and that doing so will help us all to live out what it truly means to be Spirit-baptized." -Ryan Jackson, PhD (Cambridge). Lead Pastor, The Capital Church, Garner, NC. "Allan Gravely presents a most thorough analysis of what it means for the Spirit to manifest itself in the life of a believer. This is an exciting journey for the curious Christian, for the book seeks not to argue the Pentecostal/Charismatic viewpoint or its opposite. Instead, in the spirit of Heb. 4:12, 'it penetrates even to dividing' the nuances of these perspectives, helping the reader to 'judge the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.' The end of the journey is a well-reasoned synthesis that hews to unity, not division."-Max Heine, Editorial Director, Overdrive Magazine

Roger Williams and the Search for New Apostles Amidst the "Ruins" of the Reformation Churches: The Continental and English Seekers, 1530 to 1660 (on sale now)

This is the story of individuals and groups on the Continent and in England who were not satisfied with the Reformation churches established in the 16th century. Many, like Dirk Coornhert and Roger Williams, were seeking for apostolic power to re-establish the church. Coornhert, who had an influence on Arminius and other more well-known people, settled for an "interim church," prayer-and-Bible study groups which made no claim to be the church. Roger Williams, confidant of both Milton and Cromwell, finally fled all churches after returning to America because they had no apostolic foundation. Hundreds in Westmorland and the northern counties of England met outside all the churches in the 1640s and 50s seeking a new dispensation from God. They were known as the "seeking people." George Fox and the Quakers were born out of these groups. With the tremendous interest in new apostles and the New Apostolic Reformation today these Seekers are interesting to us both for their trenchant and sometimes profound critique of the standing churches and for their refusal to accept anything but the genuine article-hence they were not clear to declare firmly that the church had been restored to its apostolic foundations. The last chapter deals with the astute rejoinder of Baptist William Allen to these earnest seeking people about the true foundation of the church. It is a worthwhile reminder that we should be wary of the extremes of both caution and credulity.

A Dialogue Between Praise and Exposition, with Cup: Diverse Worlds of Spiritual Formation (on sale now)

In this Dialogue, two characters, Praise (Charismatic/Pentecostal) and Exposition (Evangelical/Reformed) carry on a lively debate over the fundamentals of the faith. The Dialogue begins with the seemingly innocuous question of how long Exposition will have to preach in Praise's church but soon widens to include the fundamentals of the faith, including divergences on worship, preaching, the nature and use of scripture, the church, and election. Toward the end of the Dialogue, Cup, representing the liturgical churches (Orthodox, Catholic, Episcopal, and Lutheran) enters the scene and brings in a whole new perspective on church life.


Dottie Gravely

Alabama and Beyond: Creating a Lasting Legacy (on sale now)

The author has sometimes said, "I have not been bored since I was nineteen years old." This book explains why. The true stories given here, based on experience of multiple generations, not just theory, provide answers to questions such as these: Can an average person have a transformative encounter with God that lasts? Will I ever get married? Does childbirth have to be scary? Am I raising my kids well? What about the wayward child? What if money is tight? In the midst of family life, how can God use me?


Goria Tarver

He Planted a Garden

A heartbroken young woman... A handsome mystery man... An elderly woman in the middle of a health crisis... Shelly Traynor's broken engagement has left her heartbroken and not trusting her own judgment where it comes to the opposite sex. A chance meeting with an ailing elderly woman sets Shelly's life on a course she couldn't have imagined. Mick McKenna, handsome, successful landscape designer is a skeptic, but he's never met a woman like Shelly, who's not only spirited, but outspoken in her Christian faith she lives out daily. Both are forced to make decisions neither are prepared for. Will Shelly's faith be compromised? Will Mick change his mind and make a decision he never sees coming? Have the seeds of love already been sown-or will Mick and Shelly go their separate ways?

Brantley Arms

A world set ablaze by war... Lives in turmoil abroad and on the home front... A hard fought victory declared at last, but not on battlefields of hearts shattered by betrayal... A World War II Novel... When Annie Laurie Brantley's husband Beau enlists in the Army Air Corps, she flees from their humble farm in rural Georgia to Atlanta where she works for the owner of an elegant, yet slightly shabby boardinghouse. Her work helps her cope with her loneliness, and her association with the owner opens doors that set her on the road to success beyond anything she could have dreamed. Beau returns home three years later to a wife he hardly recognizes. Beautiful, stylish and successful, she tries to fit him into the niche she's carved out for them in the world of real estate development. It isn't long, though, before Annie Laurie discovers that the desperation she felt when Beau went off to war was but a prelude to the unimaginable heartaches that lay ahead of her.



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