Paul Dunn - The Secret War Diaries of Abraham Lincoln - Including His Recurring Dreams

Author Paul R. Dunn is a historian living in Pinehurst, North Carolina. He is writing a four volume diary, which recounts Abraham Lincoln's thoughts during the civil war. It also includes Lincoln's recurring dreams. This book is Volume I and covers the years 1860 and 1861. For each diary entry (fiction) it has an accompanying "Author's notes" entry, which gives the reader historically accurate accounts appropriate for that date. All of the "Author's notes" give detailed reporting of the events and detailed descriptions of people of the day. Lincoln was a melancholy president and his dreams often reflect his dark moods. The book describe battles won and lost, Lincoln's interactions with his cabinet, members of congress, military and naval officers and members of his family and staff. Throughout Volume I the president learns by trial and error which of his commanders can be relied upon to bring about badly needed victories. Lincoln died intestate and never wrote a diary. The author attempts to bring to the reader the kind of diary that Abraham Lincoln might have written had he actually done so.

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