James Boyd Book Club

The James Boyd Book Club studies writers in the North Carolina Literary Hall of Fame.

Book Club Contact:  Stacy Ostlund                  stacy.ostlund@gmail.com


2020 May - TBD

2020 April - The Gulf by Belle Boggs

2020 March - Louise's War by SArah Shaber

2020 February - The Guardian by Nicholas Sparks

2020 January - Necessary Lies by Diane Chamberlain

2019 December - A New Voyage to Carolina by John Lawson

2019 November - Throwed Away, Failures of Progress in North Carolina by Linda Flowers

2019 October - The Lost Boy by Thomas Wolfe

2017 December - Something Rich and Strange by Ron Rash

2017 November - You Can Fly by Carole Boston Weatherford

2017 October - The Conjure Woman by Charles Chesnutt

2017 - September - The Lost Book of the Grail by Charlie Lovett

2017 - May- Mezzanines by Olzmann OP

2017 - April- Bug Funeral by Shaber OP

2017 - March- Last Days of Video by Hawkins

2017 - February- Collected Stories by Price

2017 - January- Our State Mag, any by Goerch