Brave For My Family

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Brave For My Family

by Davidson Whetstone

Illustrated by his father

Davidson's father was deployed every year of his young life when, at 6 years old, four days before Christmas, the call came that he was injured by an RPG in Afghanistan. With vivid, compelling art by Davidson's own active duty father, this book tells the story of Davidson's brave journey during his father's service, recovery at Walter Reed Hospital, and return to the battlefield.

Brave For My Family is a book for every American child to read and celebrate the bravery of thos on the homefront when a parent is away fighting for our country.

Proceeds from the book support Military Families and Wounded Warriors through trusted organizations who have demonstrated their commitment to those who serve: Green Beret Foundation, Rick Herrema Foundation, Lead the Way Fund, Navy SEAL Foundation, Semper Fi Fund, and Patriot Foundation.


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