Murray Dunlap - PROOF: Poems

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At 34, a man missed a red-light and every single thing about Murray Dunlap's life changed. Because of
the wreck, he was diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury; he spent three months in a coma, a year in a
wheelchair, and more using a walker. He was a married writer about to start a new career as an English
teacher, but their marriage could not survive the confusion and amnesia. When asked, he did not know
he was married.

Proof is an intimate journey from trauma to recovery and acceptance through love, faith, and
understanding. His poetry is a first-hand account of the pain of loss--of love, belief, and a former
life--the struggles of healing, and the uncertainty of starting over. It is a personal triumph celebrating
the joys of finding love and spirituality again. With poignantly honest and genuine poetry, Murray
Dunlap captures the beauty of strength and the transcendence of tragedy.

Review Quotes:

"Pure, without artifice, Proof gives testimony to the resilience of spirit. To read Murray Dunlap's poetry is to bear witness to the Divine endurance of talent" -Katrina Denza, Director, Visiting Writers Program, 
Weymouth Center for the Arts & Humanities

"Dunlap's poetry leads us through the unvarnished reality of human powerlessness and pain to honest spirituality, an optimistic realism born of suffering and faith. His grit inspires the weary heart to rediscover light and hope. His words are the perfect companion for anyone committed to walking the journey with eyes wide open." - Rev. Greg Farrand, Holy Trinity Episcopal Church

"These poems-both the story they tell and the simple miraculous fact of their existence-should inspire every reader to do as Murray has done: to defy depression; to seek out a soulmate; to re-discover God." - Dr. Fred Ashe, Professor of English, Birmingham-Southern College

"The poems are raw and honest. It is a powerful collection of a journey to a new reality and a reconnection to spirituality. The book is Murray's proof of his recovery, proof of his faith."
- Janine Vangool, Editor, Uppercase magazine


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